The strategy could have been deeper, but I think saying it's 'really lacking' is a bit much. It does have some really interesting moments mid and late game. Also, the sequels greatly expanded on the metagame with the new classes and much tougher enemies and the series is on a good place strategy wise. » 10/31/14 3:25pm Today 3:25pm

April's Fools is starting to come into prominence in the culture as well. Some anime directly reference the holiday nowadays. Halloween really was bound to take off, considering the continual exposure of the holiday in films, books/comics and games. » 10/28/14 5:40am Tuesday 5:40am

I just don't see a point to this. How about tagging a particular video for the said nudity and lack of clothing? Why can't Twitch basically do this themselves instead of imposing it upon their users? I see no reason to segregate sexual elements from games. I might be on the extreme end spectrum, but I think there's a… » 10/27/14 6:57pm Monday 6:57pm

I agree Homura is bringing it upon herself and all, but at a certain point, I think she will fall entirely to being an evil force unless she is stopped. It's not like she is making hell on Earth. But that's just for now. It would be interesting if Sayaka and maybe a new crew of magical girls can help end the cycle… » 10/27/14 6:42pm Monday 6:42pm

I adore this game and its portrayal of Nazi style as both cool and terrifying at the same time. But seriously, Nazi uniforms and German mechanical engineering is seriously cool all around. They went all in on that aesthetic and it's just a sight to see. » 10/27/14 6:27pm Monday 6:27pm

I think it's still refreshing for a game to just go for the over the top comedy and a shock of colors and action in a modern day AAA title. I'm sure the humor will be a hit or miss with a lot of people, but I totally adore the team's willingness to just go for a total comedic bent like this. » 10/27/14 3:16am Monday 3:16am

Pretty interesting look at it, then again, you can't really force people to choose a major they are interested in. Also, the world of programming is not something one can do without some level of passion to it as it can be a pretty grueling engineering/mathematical discipline. Could it be that men are more gluttons… » 10/24/14 2:13am 10/24/14 2:13am

Maybe it's a pet peeve of mine, but I don't think humanity would be resorting to rocket boosters to escape the Earth's gravity if we have the technology enough to travel to other planets. I wish they would use something like an anti-gravity system that doesn't result in traditional rocket propellants. Again, it could… » 10/23/14 7:01pm 10/23/14 7:01pm

I absolutely adore Team Ninja for this. I feel they are some of the few fighting game developers going to extraordinary lengths to refine character body technology. Everything from sweat to wet clothing effects to bodily bounce and musculature, I feel they are doing some incredible things here. » 10/23/14 6:02am 10/23/14 6:02am

Japanese users getting shafted by censorship yet again. I swear there will be a consumer revolt if this stuff gets worse and worse. Or rather, there should have been one a long time ago. Then again, not sure how much sway companies and ratings boards have from the government itself. » 10/23/14 5:23am 10/23/14 5:23am

I think it's more spooky and oppressive than outright scary. Though it did have some jumpscare moments, it was mostly how the situation seems insanely grim and impossible to get out of. I think Corpse Party really excels in that regard. There's just nothing to contend with the horrors in that game. Everything in the… » 10/23/14 5:07am 10/23/14 5:07am