I’m glad it didn’t happen, because the whole point of the modding scene is able to go beyond the legality of all the intellectual property and doing whatever the modder wants to add. I can imagine it would be far more restrictive if they are to be paid in official capacity and the types of mods they can do would be… » 5/04/15 8:05pm Yesterday 8:05pm

I hear that’s actually not true. In Roman Colosseum days, the contestants rarely died because the slave owners didn’t want to lose their investment. The wild blood sport people know of in the mainstream media is not very accurate. The sport did stop before actual killings the vast majority of the time. » 5/04/15 4:03am Yesterday 4:03am

Guaranteed preorder purchase for me. They really are getting all the character themed songs, dancing and personalities just right. I really hope the Miracle Girls Festival game that has a ton of anime character crossovers has a similar level of quality. I love it when rhythm games gets the characterizations down pat. » 5/01/15 8:36pm Friday 8:36pm

It’s a pretty good show, but I feel they kind of spent too much time building up the premise and not moving the story forward. Also, it also shows that there is a good reason why some people are against the ‘alternate lifestyles’ because in this anime’s world, the bears actually pose a physical threat. So the allegory… » 5/01/15 6:30am Friday 6:30am

To be fair, they did say they are sticking to their guns with their vision. Even with the way some people think Cidney is too sexual or not. So I have hope they still have a creator vision and not design by committee and pressure from outside. » 4/28/15 8:44am 4/28/15 8:44am

Brooklyn is a cool place but tourists better be careful with some of the shadier towns in the borough. The borough has been considerably cleaned up and crime rates drastically reduced in the past decades, but it still has its unsafe areas and you should still keep your wits about you. While Manhattan still has some of… » 4/27/15 6:56am 4/27/15 6:56am

Awesome! This is what makes e-sports so enthralling and entertaining. The great response from the commentators and crowd is infectious and it makes you want to learn the game or play it and start appreciating the game’s pro level play. » 4/27/15 1:30am 4/27/15 1:30am

That’s a good attitude to have, but it is kind of a standard practice in fighting games. Maybe Nintendo is making these statements because this is kind of a new territory for them, but in fighting games, this has been happening for years. At least since late 2000s. Fighting games do allow for added characters to make… » 4/24/15 5:10am 4/24/15 5:10am

Damn, it is so cool to see these artists use Twitter as comic panels. Pretty ingenious! Really cute pantyshot picture too. It’s really using perspectives in a interesting way by drawing 2D with dynamic angles and putting that in dynamic angles in 3D as well. It just has a really surreal quality to it, like the 2D art… » 4/23/15 8:13am 4/23/15 8:13am

I thought the premise was interesting precisely because they were at a much larger agency, hence the characters can focus more on being budding talents than being the wonder-girls to hoist up the company like in the first series. Also, it seems they’re building up the drama more frequently in this season as it’s clear… » 4/23/15 6:40am 4/23/15 6:40am

I would love it if Kojima compiles his experiences with leaving Konami and makes a book detailing what precisely happened. I bet they will keep the details under wraps especially if they had some kind of a deal to keep the details private though. But maybe in a few years, they may be long separated enough that… » 4/23/15 4:40am 4/23/15 4:40am

I’ll agree to disagree. The artstyle in Dogma is pretty damn good. Though the PS3 pushes it too far and and the overall modeling suffers from it. But character creation is some of the most robust in Dogma and you can make some truly pretty (or ugly) characters from it. » 4/20/15 8:25pm 4/20/15 8:25pm