I 'like' the N64 pad for its idea, but not its implementation. The analog stick had no grip, so it was too easy to slip off of it. Not to mention hardcore play on it means you're going to grind its analog stick into dust (literally). The buttons also had an issue of being tad too sticky especially for the shoulder… » 12/21/14 8:14pm Yesterday 8:14pm

To be fair, fanbases of his size will have its share of rabid followers. But I don't think most of his millions of fans are that outspoken about it. Or else we'd see entire forums and comments sections be overrun with his followers. I'm a casual fan of his and I don't care to tell people to stop hating or to follow… » 12/19/14 5:35pm Friday 5:35pm

I feel Saints Row and FarCry has done an amazing job of making the maps interactive and essentially be another game onto its own with the way you find new locations on foot or visually then having it influence the map in such interactive ways. Games like GTA5 definitely benefited a lot from the innovations Saints Row… » 12/16/14 8:09pm Tuesday 8:09pm

Kind of makes one wish for a Graffiti MMO. Or at least a future iteration of Grand Theft Auto Online could have these kinds of social/artistic endeavors instead of only being about the killing and chasing (which is definitely fun and bread & butter of the series!), but I think it'd be so cool to be able to craft… » 12/13/14 1:55am 12/13/14 1:55am

I think people should have the freedom to upload whatever they want to, to be honest. The game allows you a ton of freedom for user created content and it just doesn't feel right to me that any are off limits. The thing is, this series has been pretty crazy with its customization and user expression and I feel it's… » 12/12/14 6:32pm 12/12/14 6:32pm

Well, it's not like he is the one who controls his own popularity though. He just has his own twist of humor and entertainment and people took to it. Surely there's some bandwagoning going on because of his popularity, but I don't think it's fair to either blame him or his fanbase. I think it's a lot healthier to… » 12/12/14 6:25pm 12/12/14 6:25pm

Not really on either, I would gather. The broadcast releases are on a very tight schedule (to cut costs) so they are saving time that way. Money-wise, they likely get all of it back by the time the discs starts selling. Besides, it's not like every show gets a touch-up like this. Only the surefire sellers do. » 12/12/14 6:23pm 12/12/14 6:23pm